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PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 86 2016


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Editor's Message Bernard K. Means 1 1

These articles will not be available as individual PDFs until 2019

The Edinburg Site, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania Richard T. Gartley, Jeff Carskadden, and James F. Morton 2-38 1
The Prehistory of Fort Hunter: Recent Investigation of 36DA159 Paul A. Raber 39-74 1
The Martz Rock Shelters Edgar E. Augustine and Bernard K. Means 75-78 1
Editor's Message Bernard K. Means 1 2
New AMS Dates on the CRESAP Mound (46MR7) William H. Tippins, Richard W. Lang, Mark A. McConaughy 2-20 2
The Buffalo Creek Chert of Washington County, Pennsylvania Brian L. Fritz, William H. Tippins, Kenneth F. Fischer 21-40 2
The Allegheny Cultural Divide of Southwestern Pennsylvania Brian L. Fritz 41-72 2
Scenes From the Past Bernard K. Means 73 2

PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 85 2015


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Editor's Message Bill Tippins 1 1

These articles will not be available as individual PDFs until 2018

The Nature and Cultural Meaning of Early Woodland Mounds in Southerwestern Pennsylvania and the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia Mark A. McConaughy 2-38 1
"A Fine Place for a Hotel": The Water Street Inn Site (36HU151) Scott D. Heberling 39-60 1
Circular Villages of the Monongahela Tradition: The Powell Sites Bernard K. Means 61-69 1
Henry Fleet's Journal and the Languages of Pennsylvania David J. Sorg 70-76 1
Artifacts   77-78 1
Editor's Message Bernard K. Means 1 2
A Pillar of Cloud by Day and of Fire by Night: A Landscape Study of the Harrisburg Nail Works Jonathan Libbon 2-17 2
Flotation and Analysis of Organic Materials Recovered from Excavations at the Montgomery Site (36CH60),  Chester County, Pennsylvania Marshall Joseph Becker 18-24 2
The Late Woodland Period in Western Pennsylvania Mark A. McConaughy 25-46 2
Glass, Floods, and Gov'ment Work: Finding Blairsville's Industrial Past Hannah E. Harvey 47-62 2

PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 84 2014


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Current Research in the Virtual Curation Laboratory @ Virginia Commonwealth University: Introduction to the Collected Papers Bernard K. Means 1-3 1
Moving Between Reality as Virtual and Reality as Actual Courtney Bowles 4-8 1
Handing the Past to the Present: The Impact of 3D Printing on Public Archaeology  Allen Huber 9-13 1
New Dimensions: 3D Scanning of lroquoian Effigy Ceramics Rachael Hulvey 14-18 1
Rocky Raccoon: The Application of 3D Technology to Zooarchaeology Mariana Zechini 19-22 1
Who Benefits from Virtual Curation? . Bernard K. Means 23-26 1
Shenk:s Ferry Traditional Ceramic Seriation Jeffrey R. Graybill and James T Herbstritt 27-45 1
Peri-Susquehannock Pottery of the Tioga River Area, Pennsylvania and New York Christopher T Espenshade 46-61 1
A Small Prehistoric Mound Group (33-WE-3) in Wayne, County, Northeast Ohio  P Nick Kardulias, David Taggart, Brittany Rancour, Nigel Brush, Roger Rowe, and Gregory Wile 62-75 1
Artifacts   76-78 1
Another Perspective on "Clemson Island Culture" and the Role of Small Sites in Late Woodland Settlement: The Late Woodland Period Occupation of 36BL112  Paul A. Raber 1-35 2
Shenks Ferry Triangles, Seriation, and Dating Jeffrey R. Graybill, James T Herbstritt, Andrea J. Carr, and Melanie R. Wing 36-41 2
Reassessing Peter's Creek and Linn Mounds, Washington County, Pennsylvania Mark A. McConaughy 42-49 2
A Geophysical Investigation and Cultural Reevaluation of the Monongahela Squirrel Hill Site (36WM35) Lydia DeHaven 50-64 2
Rejoinder to Sciulli and Purcell: Two Late Prehistoric Dogs from the Reinhardt Site (33PI880),
Pickaway County, Ohio
Kevin C. Nolan and Paul W Sciulli 65-73 2
In Memoriam: James P. Bressler (1914-2014) William A. Turnbaugh, Ph.D. 74-78 2

PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 83 2013


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
The Johnston Locus (36WM705); A Protohistoric Site in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Kristen Anne Beckman 1-21 1
Revisiting .the Wolf Walk: Exploring Philadelphia's Delaware River Waterfront Jennifer C. Rankin 22-44 1
Early Archaic Sites Along Drainage Divides in Western Washington County, Pennsylvania Kenneth F. Fischer and William H. Tippins 45-63 1
The Crow Mound (36GR36), Greene County, Pennsylvania Don W. Dragoo and Donald P. Tanner 64-78 1
A Circular Village of the Monongahela Tradition: The Gower Site (36S06) Dr. Bernard K. Means 1-15 2
Shenks Ferry Radiocarbon Dates, The Quarry Site (36LA1100) and Village Site Ecology Jeffrey R. Graybill and James T Herbstritt 16-28 2
Cord-Marked Ceramics from Scarem-Kramer (36WH22); Description and Distribution, Cordage and Population Dynamics at a Monongahela Village Site Sarah L. Dost Kerchusky 29-51 2
Data Retrieval From an Unprovenienced Museum Collection: The Ludy Collection at the University of Pennsylvania Museum Carolyn D. Dillian 52-64 2
In Memoriam: Vema L Cowin and Paul F. Cowin
James B. Richardson, III 65-71 2
Ten Year Index: Pennsylvania Archaeologist 2000-2009 Compiled by Judy. Duritsa 72-76 2
Book Review: North American Stone Axe: Concepts and Technologies (Ronald D. Powell) Bill Tippins 77 2

PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 82 2012


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Excavations at the Mathies Mine Mound (36WH29), Washington County, Pennsylvania Donald Tanner, William Tippins, Robert Laidig, and Mark McConaughy 1-24 1
Hartman 's Cave (36MR0221 ): A Crossroads for Victorian Period Archaeologists, Paleontologists and a Botanist Thomas R. Lewis 25-31 1
Preliminary Alluvial Geoarchaeology of 36F066 (Indian Camp Run 2), Forest County, Pennsylvania Todd Grote and Andrew Myers 32-46 1
Preliminary Bioarchaeological Examination of the Quaker Hills Quarry (36LA1100) Skeletal Sample: A Funk Phase Shenks Ferry Site in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Dana D. Kollmann 47-65 1
Susquehannock Material Culture Revisited: Eight Pennsylvania Ethnographic Artifacts in the Skokloster Castle Collection in Sweden and a Possible Connection to Capt. John Smith Marshal Joseph Becker 66-73 1
Fluted Points from the Loyalhanna Creek Watershed, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Robert Oshnock 74-78 1
Paleoindian "Lithic Scatters" in the Ten Mile Creek Watershed Christine Davis, Philip Glauberman, and Ryan Parish 1-16 2
The Middle Woodland: Western Pennsylvania vs.Eastern Pennsylvania Mark A. McConaughy 17-33 2
Finding Fort Machault (36VE212) Brian L . Fritz and William Black 34-43 2
Early Woodland Features at the Consol Site (36WM100), Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Robert Oshnock 44-53 2
We Had Everything but Money: A Study of Buying Strategies at a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp in the Allegheny National Forest Jonathan R. Libbon 54-63 2
A Preliminary Model for the Alligewi Tribe David J. Sorg 64-70 2

PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 81 2011

Title Author pp Issue Purchase
The Wylie #3 Site (36WH283): Part I Richard L. George 1-27 1
Excavation of the Glenshaw Rockshelter No.1 (36AL4 82), Allegheny County, Pennsylvania William H Tippins 28-57 1
"Charms, Skinners, and Slickstones": The Wilson Collection Documentation Project Heather A. Wholey and Jennifer Falchetta 58-69 1
Debitage and Test Trench Material from the Raccoon Point Site (28GL6), Gloucester, New Jersey Heather Roeske 70-78 1
The Wylie #3 Site (3 6WH283): Part II Richard George 1-43 2
Keyhole Features from the Consol Site (36WM100) Albert Auffart and Robert Oshnock 44-53 2
Two Archaic Dogs from Central Ohio Paul W Sciulli and Joseph Purcell 54-64 2
Jacob Skickett, Lenopi Elder: Preliminary Notes from before 1750 to after1802 Marshall Joseph Becker 65-76 2
Artifacts   77 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 80 2010


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Two Monongahela Sites in Fayette County, Pennsylvania Bernard K.Means 1-16 1
"Late Woodland" (CA. 1000-1740 CE) Foraging Patterns of the Lenape and Their Neighbors in the Delaware Valley Marshall Joseph Becker 17-31 1
An Analysis of Prehistoric Ceramics Found at the Ebbert Spring Site, 36FR367 Ronald D. Powell 32-59 1
Richard George's 2008 C14 Dating Project William H.Tippins and Richard L. George 60-62 1
A Discussion of New Radiocarbon Dates from the Gnagey 3 (36S055), McJunkin (36AL17), and Household (36WM61) Sites Bernad K.Means and William H.Tippins 63-72 1
Artifacts   75-78 1
The Discovery of Fort Morris, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Stephen G. Warfel and Paul G. Marr 1-29 2
The Enigmatic Vestal Phase of the Late Archaic Laurie Miroff 30-49 2
Birdstones: Some Clarifications from Maryland Dennis C. Curry 50-60 2
The Arrnewamus Band of New Jersey: Other Clues to Differences Between the Lenopi and Lenape Marshall Joseph Becker


Human Head Effigy Found at the Ebbert Spring Site (36FR367), Franklin County, Pennsylvania Ronald D. Powell 73-77 2
Artifact   78 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 79 2009


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Archaeological Investigations at 36FA368: Implications for the Study of Monogahela Settlement Patterns Paul A. Raber 1-29 1
The Ault Site (36LY120): A Multi-Compoment Site Including a Fortified Shenks Ferry Village James P. Bressler 30-53 1
Geochemical Analysis of Archaeological Ceramics in the Hocking Valley, Ohio Paul E. Patton, Elliot M.Abrams, and Ann Corinne Freter 54-74 1
Artifacts   75-78 1
In Memoriam: Richard L. George & An Index of Publications and Papers by Richard L. George   2-8 2
Historical Archaeological Investigations at the Cromwel l Mill (36HU179), Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania Scott D. Heberling 9-32 2
Analysis of Skeletal Remains from the Old Town Site (33HS02) , A Late Archaic Cemetery in Harrison County, Ohio
Paul W Sciulli, Samantha H. Blatt, and Nancy E. Tatarek
33-41 2
Birdstones: A Continuing Enigma in North American Archaeology Marshall Joseph Becker 42-58 2
Faith, Science, and Native American Origins: A Pennsylvania Discussion Jay F Custer 59-73 2
The Role of Avocational Archaeology in Pennsylvania Brian L . Fritz 74-76 2
Artifacts   77-78 2

PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 78 2008

Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Chemical Characterizaton of Four Pre-Contact Copper Artifacts from Pennsylvania Gregory Denis Lattanzi 2-15 1
The Early and Middle Woodland in the Upper Juniata River Drainage: Archaeological Visibility and Regional Population Paul A. Raber 16-40 1
Brown 's Bottom #1 (33R011 04) Bladelet Assemblage: An Experiment in Use-Wear Analysis Daniel Snyder, Michael Powers, Paul J. Pacheco, and Jarrod Burks 41-60 1
Artifacts   61-70 1
W. J. Holland's l 902 Lecture About the Smith's Ferry Petroglyphs (36BV7) and Western Pennsylvania Archaeology David R. Watters 1-10 2
The Drew-Two and Scarem Phases of Monongahella at the Lang Site (36WH48) Richard L. George 11-38 2
Archaeobotanical Remains Recovered from Flotation from the Lang Site (36WH48) Annette G. Ericksen 39-43 2
The Formation of Indigenous Sedentary Communities in the Monday Creek Tributary of the Hocking River Valley, Ohio: A GIS Archaeological Landscape Approach John J.Hicks, Elliot M. Abrams, AnnCorinne Freter, and Jeffery Ueland 44-63 2
The Bonnell Triangle Point: A Proposed Levanna Sub-Type Scalene Triangle Projectile Point Ronald D. Powel 64-70 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 77 2007


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Moving People and Resources Across Pennsylvania's Prehistoric Landscape: Investigations at 36JU104 Paul A. Raber 1-29 1
The Late Prehistoric Components at the Godwin-Portman Site, 36AL39 Richard L. George 30-52 1
Facing Monday Creek Rockshelter (33H0414): A Late Woodland Hunting Location in Southern Ohio Staci E. Spertzel, Elliot M. Abrams, AnnCorinne Freter, and Gregory S. Springer 53-70 1
Artifacts   71-76 1
A Preliminary Report on the Paleoindian Assemblage from Indian Camp Run No. 1 (36F065) Andrew J. Myers and Malinda Moses Myers 1-33 2
An Inventory of Western Pennsylvania Rockshelters William H. Tippins 34-69 2
Further Discussion of Drew Tradition Radiocarbon Dates, Migration, Mea Culpa, Etc Richard L. George 70-75 2
Artifacts   76-78 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 76 2006


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
A Preliminary Report on the Ebbert Spring Site Ronald D. Powell 1-19 1
Horseshoe Rockshelter (36CH488) Mark A. McConaughy 20-47 1
Prehistoric Settlement Patterns and Lithic Usage in the Upper Juniata River Basin Douglas H. MacDonald 48-62 1
Comments on Monongahela Drew Radiocarbon Dates Jason Espino 63-71 1
BOOK REVIEW: The Pennsylvania Fluted Point Survey (Gary L. Fogelman and Dr. Stanley W. Lantz) Bill Tippins 72 1
Artifacts   73-76 1
The Caneadea Mound, Allegany County, New York Steven P. Howard 2-27 2
Anadromous Fish and the Lenape Marshall Joseph Becker 28-40 2
Long Distance Exchange? The Case of an Obsidian Projectile Point from the University of Pennsylvania Museum Carolyn Dillian, Charles Bello, and M. Steven Shackley 41-47 2
Problematic Tribal Names of Pennsylvania David J. Sorg 48-53 2
BOOK REVIEW: Caves and Culture: 10,000 Years of Ohio History (Edited by Linda B . Spurlock, Olaf H. Prufer, and Thomas R. Pigott) William H. Tippins 54-55 2
Artifacts   56-58 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 75 2005


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
The Murphy's Old House Site (36AR 129): A Historic and Prehistoric Multi-component Site Richard L. George 1-28 1
On The Rocks at Parkers Landing Kenneth Burkett and Edward Kaufman 29-48 1
New Dates for New Deal Excavated Monongahela Villages in Somerset County Bernard K. Means 49-61 1
The Warsaw Warrior: A Prehistoric Petroglyph of an Enemy? Dr. Nigel Brush and Jeff Dilyard 62-72 1
BOOK REVIEW: The Ohio Hopewell Episode: Paradigm Lost and Paradigm Gained. A. Martin Byers.

Mark A. MccCnaughy

73-74 1
BOOK REVIEW: Jacob My Friend: His 17th Century Account of the Susquehannock Indians. Barry C. Kent

W. Fred Kinsey, III

73-74 1
Artifacts   75-77 1
Surface-Collected Artifacts from the Christoff Site (36AL64) William E. Buker 3-11 2
An Update on Colonial Witch Bottles Marshall Joseph Becker 12-23 2
Revisiting the Mystery of "Carantouan" and Spanish Hill Deb Twigg 24-33 2
The Miller Farm Monongahela Village Richard L. George 34-52 2
Prehistoric Usage of Loyalhanna Chert Robert E. Oshnock 53-60 2
BOOK REVIEW: The Bioarchaeology of Virginia Burial Mounds Debra L . Gold.

(Mary.Jane Shaw

61 2
Artifacts   62-69 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 74 2004


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
A Review of the Monongahela Drew Phase and an Introduction to the Drew "Tradition" Richard L. George 5-10 1
The Kelso Site (36W H23) and the Monongahela Drew Tradition of the Chartiers Valley William E. Buker 11-44 1
The Wilkinson Site (36WM344), a Drew Tradition Monongahela Village Richard L. George 45-62 1
A Closer Look at the Monongahela Drew Tradition Richard L. George 63-91 1
The Dunsfort Site: Black Walnuts and Middle Woodland Subsistence Richard L. George 1-34 2
Plant Remains From the Dunsfort Site Frances B. King 35-39 2
The Traister Petroglyphs Kenneth Burkett 41-48 2
Terminal Late Archaic Mortuary Practices at Berryhill Cemetery Paul W Sciulli & James M. Heilman 49-62 2
Lost Tribes of the Susquehanna David J. Sorg 63-72 2
A Visit to Olduvai Gorge W Fred Kinsey, III 73-76 2
BOOK REVIEW: The Rock-Art of Eastern North America: Capturing Images and Insight. Edited by Carol Diaz-Granados and James R. Duncan.

James B. Richardson, III

77 2
Artifacts   78-83 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 73 2003


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Linguistic Affiliations of the Massawomeck Confederacy David J. Sorg 1-7 1
Foley Farm: The Importance of Architecture and the Demise of the Monongahelans James T. Herbstritt 8-54 1
Geoarchaeological Investigation at the Rivercrest Site (36MG112): Sand Grain Granulometric Analysis as an Interpretive Tool in Upland Setting Site Formation Gary E. Stinchcomb 55-74 1
Memorial: Charles L. Lucy Barry C. Kent 75-77 1
The Hershey Site: An Update
Janet Schulenberg, Jaimin Weets, Peter van Rossum 2-15 2
The Chronological Placement of the Hershey Site on a Dynamic Socio-Cultural Landscape ]. Smoker Howard 16-30 2
Mount Davis Tar Kiln (36S0287) Archaeological Surface Survey and Historical Study Brian L. Fritz 31-48 2
Redware Analysis of the Early Nineteenth Century Vickers Pottery Douglas Reeser 49-58 2
"They Are Not Dead Who Live In The Hearts They Leave Behind" The Contributions of Dr. Dorothy A. Humpf Barbara J. Shaffer 59-64 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 72 2002


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
36BR81, A Multicomponent Site Near Wyalusing Pennsylvania Charles L. Lucy & Ted Keir 1-16 1
Archaeology and Geomorphology of the Coverts Crossing (36Lr75) and Coverts Bridge (36Lr228) Sites, Lawrence County Pennsylvania Douglas H. MacDonald & David L. Cremeens 17-50 1
Monongahela Houses with Separate Walls and Roofs; Perhaps, Perhaps Not Richard L. George 51-59 1
BOOK REVIEW: Tracking the Shenks Ferry Indians at the Ault Site 36LY120. Bressler, James P. and Karen Rockey

Dean R Snow

60-61 1
Constitution of The Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Inc   62-77 1
Revisiting Mary Butler's "Three Archaeological Sites in Somerset County, Pennsylvania" Bernard K. Means 8-46 2
Discovering Monongahela Rock Art W Rex Weeks 47-98 2
The Notched Disk as a Digging Tool Rudolph E. Bennage Jr. 99-108 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 71 2001


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
Vanport Siliceous Shale Kenneth Burkett 1-10 1
Analysis of Artifacts from the Joanna Furnace Blacksmith Shop Keith R.Doms 11-28 1
Terminal Late Archaic Mortuary Practices II: The Boose Cemetery Paul W. Sciulli and Ray Schuck 29-42 1
An Examination of Ceramics from the Dutch Hill Rock Shelter Andrew J.Myers 43-68 1
Notes on the Ryan Site: A Monongahela Village in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania Harry A.Matlack 69-82 1
Pennsylvania Profile No.17 C.A.Weslager's "Indian Hannah": The "Organization Man" Confronts a Legendary Native American Jay F.Custer 83-90 1
The Wasciski Cache Kenneth Burkett & Edward Kaufman 1-5 2
Oberly Island: Trend and Tradition in the Lower Lehigh Valley Peter E. Siegel, Robert G. Kingsley & Tod L. Benedict 16-59 2
The Shawnee Rocksnail and the Wylie Site; What 100 Years Can Mean! Richard L. George 60-71 2
Pennsylvania Profile No.18 Henry Deisher, His Baskets, and George Byron Gordon: Part I Jay F. Custer 72-87 2
PDFs of Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist Volume 70 2000


Title Author pp Issue Purchase
A Buried Lamoka Occupation in Stratified Contexts West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania Robert D. Wall 1-44 1
An Archaeology of Archaeology: Recent Investigations into the 1938 Martz Rock Shelters Excavation Bernard Means 45-80 1
More on a Murky Subject: Impacts of Prehistoric Agricultural Activities in the Wyoming Valley Donald Thieme 81-82 1

Memorial: James W. Hatch

Paul Raber 83-86 1


  87-89 1

Ten-Year Index: Pennsylvania Archaeologist 1990 - 1999

R. Dustin Cushman

1-67 2