2017 Pennsylvania Farm Show
January 7 to January 14, 2017

This is the 101st Pennsylvania Farm Show and a great opportunity to participate in this wonderful treasure of our farming heritage. The theme for our exhibit in 2017 will highlight Petroglyphs in Pennsylvania and coincides with our Workshops in Archaeology theme which is centered on Symbols of the Past. Visitors seek out our booth to sit in the dugout canoe or to view the artifacts on display which allows us to engage in conversation. Our participation at this event is in cooperation with the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Inc. and the Pennsylvania Archaeological Council. With over 500,000 people visiting the Farm Show annually, this is our largest public outreach event during the year. It provides a great opportunity to interact with people while promoting the Society for Pennsylvania, Inc. and the preservation of archaeological resources. The Society has received a number of new members through this popular event at both the state and local chapter level. We need your help in staffing the booth during this event. Please contact Kurt Carr at 717-783-9926 or kcarr@pa.gov if you are interested in volunteering.

Please make plans now to volunteer!!